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First person 3D horror quest. You wake up in the prison cell. Be smart and find various items hidden around you to unlock the door and exit from the cell. Player controls his movements via multitouch on all supported mobile devices.

Written on our crossplatform engine which supports Bada, iPhone and Android (runs, using NDK) and uses the most advanced technologies of 3D graphics:

- full support of OpenGL ES 2 features to produce high-quality and high-performance 3D application;
- dynamic lighting done with shaders combined with prerendered lighting maps gives amazing 3D world illusion;
- framebuffer objects that allows to add various screen-space effects like blur and fade;
- fullscreen multisampling up to 4x gives pretty smooth image.

High-performance engine allows render up to 15k polygons per frame with good frame rate even on devices with large screen (like iPad).